Fall Colors On The Property - REALLY???

When I walked out onto the deck and saw this patch of brilliant yellow leaves, I just about dropped my coffee cup. In all the bright green leaves and in full view of the summer sunshine, there were two branches that screamed “fall!” I almost screamed, too. 

Please tell me it’s not just me. In a year that will be remembered forever for its weirdness, the shades of green that summer brings were an anchor in an otherwise indescribable season.

This is what summer in Iowa means to me. The thick green grass, trees full of leaves and sunlight reflecting off the pond.

So for the moment I will focus on the summer side of the property and wait a while to enjoy the fall colors. It is Iowa in August, though, so that will change soon enough. Yes, I know you’re there, autumn leaves, just don’t hurry to get here. It will be your time before I know it.


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