Making Your Own Box Of Sunshine


We needed an incredible thank you gift for a friend. It couldn’t be anything trivial or mundane, and it needed to be something fun and inspirational. What better way to show our appreciation than with a giant box full of sunshine!

So what goes into a box of sunshine? Oh, just everything yellow that you can possibly find! I included snacks, school supplies for this teacher-to-be and a few special treats. When you have a color in mind, like our yellow sunshine, that color will pop off the shelves as you shop, practically climbing into the cart themselves. Try it ... you’ll see!

The best way to finish off a gift box is with lots of pretty, sparkling things. I found these fun yellow bows and used them as both filler and decoration on the top of our package.

And because I was upcycling a shipping box for our box of sunshine, I covered the writing on the top and sides with personal notes. Someone special, who does very special things, deserves a special thank you gift. What color would you choose for a gift box, and what would you tuck inside?


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