Yarn Necklaces For Teens To Create

These adorable yarn necklaces are the perfect craft for a group of girls! We’re going to make them for our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, so I made a sample for them. These pink and blue necklaces are going to be amazing gifts!

All you need are some metal washers, yarn and a sharp pair of scissors. The washers I used are 3/8 inch.

To start things off, cut a piece of yarn about 5 inches long. You’ll cut this one in a minute and use it to measure all the others.

Loop the yarn around the washer and stick the ends through.

And pull it tight.

Then cut the yarn to a length you like. Mine was just a couple of inches.

Unwrap that piece of yarn and use it to cut 20-25 more lengths of yarn for each washer.

Loop each length of yarn and pull it tight around the washer.

Continue around the entire washer. 

Wrap up your project (see what I did there?) by cutting one long length of yarn to turn it into a necklace. Then you can trim everything up evenly and it’s ready to go!


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