Arranging Food That Is Pleasing To The Eye

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who believe plating a meal in a beautiful way is important, and those who couldn’t care less about appearance and just want to eat the food. Two ends of the spectrum, yes.

So let’s say you’re in the first category, the one who thinks pretty plating makes the meal appealing to the eye ... and might even make it taste better! Here are a few simple ways to turn an ordinary meal into one that is visually inviting.

* As pictured above, you can remove takeout from its packaging and arrange it on a plate, making it feel like you’re right there in the restaurant.

* Color can make all the difference, so use reds, greens and yellows to make your plate pop.

* Light-colored food look best on dark plates, and dark-colored food stand out on light plates.

* Fresh fruits and vegetables brighten up any plate, so get creative with a little garnishing.

* Instead of piling up appetizers in a bowl, arrange them on a tray or in a dish and drizzle your dipping sauce over the top right before serving.

* Don’t use a plate at all. Serve your meal on a cutting board, on a metal tray or on something you wouldn’t normally think of for food, like a wood plank from the grill.

* Cut and fan meats on the serving platter, showing off those gorgeous colors inside.

* Fruit and dessert always look better in crystal. Just sayin’.

What are some of your secrets to perfect plating at home?


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