Mango-Orange Popsicles

When it’s unbearably hot outside, the only thing that will cool you off is a popsicle! Don’t buy those cheap ones from store when you can make them yourself and create your own custom flavors.

For my mango-orange popsicles, I combined a small bag of frozen mango chunks, a container of orange juice concentrate and 1/8 cup agave nectar in the blender and buzzed it all together.

Some other combinations of fruits and juices:
* strawberry and pineapple
* blueberry and lemon
* strawberry and lemonade
* pineapple, orange and banana
* strawberry and mango
* strawberry and kiwi
* watermelon and raspberry

These sweet little popsicle molds have been sitting in my cupboard since last August, when they were in the “end of summer” sale. I poured the fruit mixture into them, stuck in the handle and left them in the freezer overnight.

Now, there are a few different philosophies about how to safely and wholly remove a popsicle from its mold. The best one I’ve found is to run them under warm water for a minute and then squeeze the end opposite the handle to ease them out. Your molds may make this super easy or you might have to play with a little to figure out the best methods. Either way, it’s a yummy experiment.


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