Tiny Notebooks For Christmas Shoe Boxes

You probably have one of those projects where you had all the supplies you need, but you never have the inspiration to do it cheerfully and completely, right? When I cut down an 8.5x11-inch piece of white card stock to make a card, three small cards and a bookmark, I normally set the pieces off to the side and they pile up dramatically. Before the piles tumble and injure someone, I took 1250 of them and made notebooks for our Christmas Shoebox program.

These card stock pages measure 2.25x4.5 inches. I normally fold them in half and make them into tiny gift cards. But left like this, they’re the perfect size for notebooks.

Then I punch holes for the book ring. ‘Nuf said.

And since you can’t have a plain white notebook, I dip into my card stock stash and cut covers slightly larger than the paper pages. 

Truly, is there anything prettier than a stack of colored paper? This makes me so happy.

But the best part is always the embellishments. For these notebooks, I paired punched circles with stickers from my collection. So all of the supplies were already in my craft room, and I have some great gifts to send in our shoeboxes. What could you make using craft supplies you already have on hand?


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