My “Jesus Loves You S’More” Planner Layout

I’ll be you could never, ever, in a million years guess what the theme of next weekend’s youth group retreat is! So I’ll tell you ... it’s a bonfire and s’mores party! I’m so excited to get our teens back out on the property, have some fellowship in the Great Outdoors and get to know each other again. That’s why my planner layout looks like I’m going to camp this week.

By covering my planner pages with some of the craft pieces we’re going to use, I’ll have a reminder all week of why we do what we do with our youth. It’s all about Jesus - loving Him more, following Him, seeking His path and sharing more of who He is with others. These pieces will also be part of some crafts we’re going to do inside when it’s too blazing hot to be outside.

As for my week, it’s going to be another busy one. That’s why I left lots of white space, knowing I would need the space to get everything planned out for work, getting the house ready for the teenage invasion and making sure the everyday stuff gets done, too. Have a fabulous week, and remember that Jesus Loves You S’more!


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