I Don't Have A Sister, But I Love This Sign

As part of a custom order this week (we LOVE special orders, by the way), I made this beautiful wood sign. With the help of my very wonderful friend Joy, we turned an ordinary piece of board into a treasured gift. And that's what Stuff From Trees is all about.

I started by whitewashing the board and letting it dry overnight. To whitewash, just paint the board with white paint and then immediately wipe it off with a rag or paper towel. The board will have already soaked up some of the paint, so you'll be left with a light, wispy color.

Joy's amazing knowledge of how to set up phrases and images on the Silhouette made this project so much fun. We were able to mix and match fonts and colors of vinyl to give the sign the bright colors it needed.

I'm creatively adventurous, so I convinced Joy that we could transfer the vinyl from the cutter to the board in one big piece. Using the stickiest transfer paper we could find and lots of whispered prayers, we took the entire layout to its new home on wood. It was so great to create this sign together, and we know it will be a treasured piece for years to come.


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