DIY Summer Nature Journals

I'm so excited to share this news with you - Danny's animal puzzles have been chosen as a new addition to the gift shop at Honey Creek Resort in Moravia! He does absolutely amazing work, and this is an opportunity to share his talent with literally thousands of people who pass through the state park. 

Our next submission for the gift shop will be our nature journals - pretty perfect for a state park, right? I can just picture children and their families hiking in the woods, drawing and writing in their Stuff From Trees journals.

The journals contain both lined and plain pages, creating tons of space for creativity and observations. All you need are pencils and colors, and you're set!

For the moment, they come in two sizes - the large one with journal blocks and the small one with plain pages. Please pray with us that they will be loved and accepted for sale in the gift shop. We would be thrilled with one more way to share our products and our testimony with so many people.


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