What Happens When A Great Dane Won't Pose For Pictures

All we wanted was one photo of Molly in her bandana for a Facebook post. Saturday's Restoration Days in Albia has a Wild West theme, so all three of us have to wear our cowboy/cowgirl outfits. Unfortunately, the combination of being outside and not having her collar on made for a difficult time getting a really great picture.

Nope, half her nose is out of the frame.

Did you hear that? Not sure what that was.

Blurry because she's moving.

Whoops - airplane went over.

Yep, there it goes.



Turkey? Deer? Beaver? Owl? Who knows at this point.

Yes! There it is - a beautiful picture of our happy dog.

With a serious pose thrown in for good measure. Amazing.

And ... we're done. All that work for two great photos, but they're totally worth it.


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