Adding Dimension To Your Paper Crafts Without Adding Bulk

 The last thing I want when I ship one of my cards or gifts to a customer is for embellishments to fall off on the way to their destination. It's difficult to add dimension to pages without using something with some bulk. Gems are notorious for slipping and sliding when they get caught, and buttons can get snagged and lost along the way, too. So what's a girl to do?

Secret #1 - layers of paper. Combining punched shapes and scraps of coordinating decorator paper add lots of dimension without the height. The pages stays relatively flat while the variety of patterns are pleasing to the eye.

Secret #2 - flat embellishments. I hate just putting a sticker on a piece of paper, so I'm always looking for embellishments that stick up, but just a little. My favorite are acrylic dots like these, which shine in the light and stay low-profile. 

Secret #3 - fibers. Thin fibers and flat ribbon can turn an ok project into something fabulous. They don't add a lot of bulk when used individually, and they grab all the attention when mixed together like at the top of this CD album. Find the ones that coordinate with your papers and let the fun begin!


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