Lessons From The Light

I heard a message last week about characteristics of light and how we as Christians are to be that light. We have a little shelf in our entryway that reminds us every time we leave that we are to be salt and light in the world, but sometimes that can be a rather abstract instruction. The lesson I was listening to explained that God's light is a guiding light, a warming light and a warning light. It was a wonderful illustration and I thought about it for several days.

And as often happens when I'm studying on a particular verse or topic, God blessed me with some insight that I just had to share with you today. If you're ready to be a light in the darkened world this week, read on!

  • Light is healthy — it gives us our daily Vitamin D3. Without it we get sick and tired. (God’s energy is our healthy boost of the day. Without Him we get sick and tired, too.)
  • Nearly all life on earth hinges on sunlight. (Without God, we are nothing.)
  • Staying in the sun without moving burns the skin and cause other physical sickness. (You can’t be useless or lazy in God’s healthy economy.)
  • Sunlight can reach down more than 260 feet into the ocean. (There is no height or depth God cannot reach.)
  • When sunlight passes through a prism, it refracts into the ROYGBIV rainbow as the colors all move differently and separate from each other. (We each go through different experiences in life, but they all go through the filtering hand of God.)
  • Light waves have both magnetic and electric fields in them. (God’s light draws us close and energizes us all at once.)
  • Sunlight is transformed into energy for our local power grids. (When you have God’s light, you can pass it on to others.)
  • Light travels at approximately 186,411 miles per second. (God’s light is even faster and much more efficient.)
  • The human eye cannot see without light. (God’s light is our illumination.)
  • Unless bent by an obstacle, light travels in a straight line. (God’s light will keep us traveling a straight and narrow path.)
  • When light is stopped by an opaque object, a shadow of that object is created. (When sin blocks God’s light from our lives, all we see is the shadow of our sin.)
  • Even humans are bioluminescent, meaning they create their own light, but it is too weak for our eyes to see. (Nothing we do in and of ourselves can compare to the light of God.)
  • The United Nations declared 2005 the International Year of Light. (The world will recognize optics and technology, but so many will never see the light of God.)
Hopefully these facts about light will give you something to think about this week. God's light is so much more powerful and beneficial than anything in the world, and it's such a blessing to be able to reflect that light from Him into the world.


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