Tag Memory Verse Books

I'm always looking for great new ways to learn and memorize Scripture. Numbers are definitely not my thing, so I can often remember the book a verse is in, but the chapter and verse often elude me. That's why having a way to carry Scripture around with me is such a great idea.

This double-sided tag book holds many of the verses that I love and would like to have committed to memory. The fact that they're pretty and colorful helps, too.

To make my tags, I started with one of my favorite stamps - a giant tag. I stamped on card stock and cut out around it. If you don't have prepackaged tags or a stamp like this, just cut out a large rectangle and snip off the top two corners.

Choose several of your favorite colors or see how much of the rainbow you have. This is a great way to use up all those scraps of paper you've been holding on to. Then use your tag template to cut them out.

Do the same with coordinating decorator paper. Did I mention that this is a great way to use up all those scraps you've been holding on to? Just making sure.

When you're done you'll have several pretty tag pairs.

Tear the patterned tag diagonally so there will be some color and some pattern showing. Adhere it to the tag.

Now flip it over and tear a small strip off the remaining patterned paper, then adhere. This way you will use almost the entire piece of decorator tag.

You can print out your verses, copy them straight out of your Bible on your copier/printer or write them by hand.

Mat them on coordinating card stock if you'd like, as this will make them stand out a little more.

 All that's left is to punch a hole in the top and slide them onto a book ring. Now you're ready to immerse yourself in Scripture memorization anywhere you are.


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