How Many Heart Shapes Can You Find In Your Kitchen?

 If you were to tear apart your kitchen drawers and cabinets, how many heart-shaped pans, tools and decorations would you find? Until I took this challenge myself, I would have been far off in my estimation.

With just a few days before Valentine's Day, I present to you this challenge. Look for anything and everything in the shape of a heart. (By the way, a circle cake can be cut in half and placed on two edges of a square cake to make a heart cake. Just saying.)

I truly was shocked at everything I had, and they were all different. Many of them were purchased in the week following Valentine's Day last year, and others I found at the local thrift shops. 

I guess I'm prepared just in case somebody needs dozens of lovey-dovey treats on short notice. 

Something as basic as a heart shaped pan... 

...can be turned into an incredibly pretty finished product. Think about strawberry and cherry chip cake, pink frosting and all the sprinkles, candy and other decorations you've saved up. If you're like me, you could probably make enough Valentine's treats to supply a metropolitan school district with lunchtime desserts for the entire month of February.

If you accept my challenge, post some pictures here of what you've made. I'd love to see how you use your creativity.


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