Such A Warm February

February has been unseasonably warm in southeast Iowa. After a light snowfall in January, overcast winter days have turned into a breath of spring when we needed it most. I can't remember the last time I was able to walk the property in February in short sleeves, but that's exactly what I did this week.

With the leaves still gone, it's much easier to see just how many tall, stately trees we have. It fascinates me that there is such a variety of sizes, shapes and species of trees we have. Over the past few months we have also had several wind storms, so there are many fallen branches - and even some whole trees.

Some of the trees snapped in half, while others were knocked over at the roots. There is quite the spiritual application here, as I think about these short roots snapping under the beating of the wind. Only those trees with the deepest longest roots and those protected by the trees around them will remain standing after the storm.

 At the base of this particular tree, animals (and I don't necessarily need to know what kinds) have made a nest in the empty space. Molly was fascinated by the smells, so apparently it was something good. Here they could burrow around and be safe from predators.

It's even been so warm that the tadpoles are out! The small pond is beginning to turn clear after being frozen this winter, so it's easy to see the tadpoles in the blue-green water. 

And the after-effects of our walks are always the same - we come back to the house dog tired and ready for a nap. I don't know if this month's weather is a hint of what's too come, but I'm looking forward to finding out.


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