Things I Loved In October

I truly can't believe that it's the end of October already, but the temperatures are getting cooler and the leaves are quickly falling from the trees. We're blessed here on the property to have three bucks and their does right now. The twins are almost fully grown, and it's still fun to watch them play in the yard.

The change in seasons also means a change in how much sunshine we get each day. I love waking up early while it's still dark, and I really don't mind it getting dark a little earlier. We've had some amazing sunrises and sunsets recently, including after this storm and a few this week highlighted in pink. So pretty.

 One of my greatest joys in October was our church's ladies retreat. Everyone was blessed beyond measure but the word of God that was shared, and we had lots of fun surprises for the ladies. One was our trail mix bar, which stayed open the entire weekend. We had about 20 different types of nuts, candy and dried fruit for them to pick and choose from, and they could fill up bags and bowls to eat then or take with them. There were always people at the table, and it was fun to see the different combinations.

A dear friend has been teaching me how to cut vinyl with a machine that hooks up to her computer. We made these door prizes for ladies retreat with it, and we both learned a lot of new techniques.

These signs were my favorites, though. The finished products were almost exactly what I saw in my head, and we had so many nice compliments on them. Wait until you see what we work on next!

Spending time cuddling with our girls is always a special part of the day for me. And when you have a 125-pound lap dog, it's even better. Molly has gotten into the habit of letting me get up from my chair and then just falling over. One day this week I could hear her snoring from the other end of the house, and this is where she was - I had left the chair at least a half an hour before this. That's my girl.

October was so wonderful. I can't wait to see what God has planned for the next month!


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