Please Don't Try To Eat The Fuzzy Socks Cupcakes

For pastors' wives gifts at our ladies retreat last weekend, we handed out fuzzy sock cupcakes. I doubt that anyone tried to snack on them, but they'll sure be a treat as the fall temperatures set in.

I used a cupcake wrapper template from the back of a paper crafts magazine I had. You can do a search online for a template, look through the books you have for one or you can cut your own.

Trace it onto your card stock and cut it out.

Then lay your socks on top of each other and roll, keeping the bottom edge in one long line. This gives you the swirl like frosting not he top of the cupcake.

Then tuck it into the taped wrapper. If it doesn't stay rolled well, just slip a rubber band around the bottom so it will out of sight.

Stick the handle of the lollipop into the center of the sock swirl for the cherry on top - literally and figuratively.

I did this in several different color combination.

That way you can have several "flavors," and you can adapt it to any occasion or celebration.


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