The 25 Books Of Christmas

Now that I'm 30-something years old, I get to give myself a Christmas present!

Ok, so I put a gift in my own stocking a couple of years ago because it was something small that I really wanted - but that doesn't really count, right?

So I'm reading a story about Christmas, since it's almost December already, and they were promoting reading with children. The suggestion was to give them a stack of books on December 1 and let them open one each day until Christmas.

I love this idea for two reasons:
1. I love books!
2. All children should be given the gift of reading.

If you have children, I beg you to do this for them. You don't have to spend a fortune, either. Just keep your eyes open for books at sales, thrift shops and consignment stores. The dollar store here always has shelves full of books, and there's usually a bin of kids' books at the grocery store, too.

Don't stop there. Read with them. Have them read to you. Read in different voices. Have them retell you the store just by looking at the pictures. This may be the best time you'll have this Christmas season.

And if you don't have kids, you can do what I am - do it for yourself! I have a stack of 25 just waiting to be read. I'd love to read one whole book every day, as I often do, as a present to myself. There is a variety of topics and lengths in here, and most of them came from discount book sales and thrift shops. And having them all wrapped up is a good thing - I've already forgotten what half of them are, so it really will be a surprise!

Share the gift of reading this Christmas with someone special.


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