DIY Fabric Napkin Rings

'Tis the season to decorate your holiday table! And don't just bring out the same things you used last year - create something fun and different, something that everyone will enjoy.

On our Thanksgiving table, we're going to use my holiday napkin fold. For more information on making it, click here. The burlap and flower napkin ring pictured here is a variation on that theme. The other three napkin rings are made from two old sweaters and the jeans I used to make my craft shop apron.

They're incredibly easy and fun to make. You could use this as a kids' craft at any holiday, or turn it into a seasonal tradition in your family. All you need are the sleeves from some old sweaters and paper towel tubes.

Cut each tube into three or four sections, then cut the sleeve off the sweater, leaving the cuff. 

Use hot glue to attach the sweater piece to the tube, leaving an overhang of fabric on either end.

Then lay it down and glue the sweater the rest of the way around.

Trim off the excess fabric, leaving just a little bit to tuck inside.

 It's ok if it's a little ragged, since this part won't show.

Run a line of hot glue around the inside edge of the tube and fold the fabric over. Don't press it down with your fingers, as the glue is very hot and will seep through the holes in the sweater. Instead, use your scissors or a popsicle stick to press it down firmly.

I was able to use this same process with the denim, making a cute little set of napkin rings. Why throw those old clothes out when you can make something clever with them?


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