Fall Themed Gift Bag Decorations

It's so much fun to put gift bags together for the holidays, and we can't leave out fall and Thanksgiving. Whether you're hosting a fall festival or having everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner, give everyone a special autumn-themed treat.

Plastic bags come in all different sizes and are perfect for small gifts. Here I cut a piece of textured card stock just wider than the bag and then folded it in half. Two acrylic images and three punches later I had an adorable bag topper. Use double-stick tape along the edges to adhere it to the bag.

For this one, I used glue dots to attach a piece of brown textured card stock to a short length of ribbon that I cut a notch out of at the bottom. Then I added a card stock sticker phrase and a foam leaf sticker to the corner. It's not taped to the bag this time, but clipped on with a miniature clothes pin.

And if you have some adorable themed ribbon (check your local dollar store), you don't need paper at all. I simply wrapped the ribbon around the bag and taped it all together in the back. Three paper flowers are held together with a pink metal brad and attached with double-stick tape.

These are just three easy ideas, and they work just as well with brown paper sacks or greeting card envelopes. So pull out those craft supplies and have fun!


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