Holiday Napkin Folding

Is your table ready for the holidays? A fun napkin fold might be just the special touch you need to dress things up a bit. For this one, one of my favorites, you need paper napkins, burlap, twine and a fall-colored flower.

To make these large enough for our silverware, I started with a 16x13-inch "guest towel" sized napkin. You can usually find these fairly easily around the holidays.

Fold it in half with the crease on the left hand side.

Fold up about 3 1/2 inches of the bottom.

Then fold it up a second time to match. This should allow for your silverware to tuck in without sticking out over the top, but double check to be safe. 

Flip the entire napkin over. Fold over about an inch on either side and crease them.

Now that you have your pocket's size, cut a piece of burlap tall enough to cover the entire front flap and wide enough to wrap around it with a little overlap.

Tie it in place with a small piece of twine.

Tuck a flower into the twine and you're all set! Pretty and useful - what a lovely combination!


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