DIY Wood Signs

Stuff From Trees has been invited to another craft show, so we're working steadily to rebuild our inventory. We'll be part of the Ottumwa Eagles' Auxiliary Holiday Open House on Nov. 28, so we have only have two and a half weeks to finish getting ready.

Instead of just making the same pieces over and over again, I've been playing around with different techniques and different projects. One of them, a fun version of the signs we use in our booth, is a chalkboard with wooden shapes on it. I thought about putting words down the middle, but won't it be more fun for the buyer to write all over it themselves? I thought so, too!

I started by very sweetly asking Danny to cut my 1-foot-square boards. I sprayed each one with 4-5 coats of chalkboard paint, following the directions on the can.

While I was making the magnets we sell at our shows, I also painted a variety of larger shapes like stars and hearts. Some took a couple of coats to get them all bright and shiny.

Once all the parts were dry, I used hot glue to attach them shapes to the board. A little touch-up paint to make them presentable was all they needed. I'm excited to see if other people love them as much as I do.


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