Weary to the Bone

On a dark, dreary morning, it's even worse.

When you're already tired and run down, an enveloping storm makes the weariness you feel magnified. It would be the perfect day to go back to bed and stay under the covers - if there wasn't so much to get accomplished.

And the thought of all those things on the to-do list piles on some more weariness.

Soon you have no motivation, no will power and no interest. The exhaustion claims both body and mind.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it's probably because you're a typical woman. Many of us have a tendency to go until we can't go anymore. We'll keep fighting through day after day until we're weary to our very core.

For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul. Upon this I awaked, and beheld; and my sleep was sweet unto me. Jeremiah 31:25-26

The answer to this aching fatigue isn't sleeping pills, a new pillow or giving up on our daily service. When the urge to quit and collapse in self-pity hits, we are called on to rest in God.

For He has satiated - satisfied and filled to the full - the soul that thought it had nothing left. Well, it didn't have anything. But God does. He is a never-ending supply of strength, motivation, courage and energy for the shell of a body that gets tired and frustrated.

The flesh is weak and prone to emptying itself quickly. The Lord says He is the source of replenishing when we're completely down and out. There is nothing in ourselves or in the world that can possibly fill and restore the way God can.

Jeremiah was given this renewing message, and it struck him straight to his core. He woke up truly understanding the power of God's Word in his life. The truth of God's filling satisfaction made his sleep sweeter and more restoring. He probably had a better day because of it. He might have been a bigger blessing to those around him because of the renewing of his strength.

We have no idea how the Lord can use us when we're fill and strong and ready to take on the day. But that can only happen when we've opened ourselves to the replenishing nature of a perfect God.

How weary are you today? Are you ready to stop and ask for rest from the Lord?


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