Mixing Patterns

 Patterns can be a challenge. Too many and the confusion takes over your eyes. Not enough and you've got a boring phrase on a single piece of paper.

So many paper collections these days come with several different patterns and a limited number of solids. Mixing the patterns means finding a balance of color, design and texture that won't overwhelm the sense. In this card, for example, using smaller sections of two busy patterns tones them both down. Inking the edges with black or brown will also create one more division for the eye.

If I had used this circle die cut as is, you would have seen the background paper through it, and then the pattern on the circle itself would have been lost. So I matted the circle on a contrasting pattern to create a thicker embellishment. This creates not only visual interest but a change in texture.

So adding small pieces of pattern to a contrast of colors and texture made a simple yet elegant card. It can be challenging to find the perfect combination of patterns to be pleasing to the eye, but the results can be very dramatic.

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