Growing Pains

Growing pains hurt.

It's been quite a long time since I was a little girl, but I remember the aches and pains of growing up. Trying to catch up with longer, taller, uncoordinated, different and new body parts was hard work. And that's just the physical - there were also a billion emotional adjustments and learning situations in those years of transition.

But now I'm going through them again. Not the physical ones, but definitely the emotional and learning pains of growing in the Lord. He's using a variety of people, some difficult situations, a few mistakes and lots of tears to grow me into something better, something different and something more suited to carry His name.

We've all been through these growing pains. They're difficult at the time because we can't see the completed picture of God's plan. All we see is the hurt, the confusion, the frustration and maybe some anger and discouragement at the present moment.

We just want everything complicated to go away so we can find some peace and relief from the pressures of the growing pains. The mistakes embarrass us and the trying times break our hearts. But each day that we persevere and praise the name of the Lord is one more opportunity to grow into the woman God wants us to become.

And He knows we're going to make mistakes, but like any good parent, God also knows that we're going to learn from them. And grow from them. If we want to. If we choose to. If we desire a closer walk with Him.

The Lord has already seen the beautiful finished product that each of us will become. He loves the possibilities and the potential in us. And He desires our willingness to go through the growing times, just so we'll come out the other side stronger, more dedicated to Him and better prepared to take on the next challenge that comes our way.

Growing pains hurt.
For the moment.
But joy cometh in the morning.


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