I remember being told at a young age to never, ever disturb a bird's nest. In the springtime, those birds are working busily to build their home and prepare for the new season.

This is our bird. Apparently she rebuilt this nest this spring, because we removed it in November when we moved in. She built it on the front of our garage, directly over the motion-activated security light. I often think about it like the people who live in front of neon signs in the city. The blinking and flashing must get old after a while.

And this is why she was working so hard to get her nest completed. She very rarely leaves, being a diligent keeper of her nest. If I had four precious little packages in my home, I would probably never leave, either.

Spring always stirs up thoughts of nesting in our own homes. I've just begun the spring cleaning in our new home, sorting and purging and cleaning all the surfaces. There's a nesting feeling deep down inside, whether you've been in your home for six months or 60 years.

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1

Nesting is a wonderful tugging of the heart that God has given us. It's the desire to turn our house into a more lovely home and create that cozy, welcoming environment for all who enter. We build our home every day that we work to make it beautiful, clean it, learn more about it and bless the people who live in it.

The opposite is what this verse describes as plucking it down. Notice that she does it with her own hands - it's an action verb and a personal choice. Whether through evil thoughts, --- or even just neglect, this is a violent destruction of the home.

Like the little bird who stays in her nest for hours a day protecting her eggs, I pray that we will each desire that nesting spirit. Your home is your sanctuary, your castle and your calling from the Lord. It deserves your love and attention.

And possibly a little fluffing around the edges.


  1. So cool, I have two nests in my plants on my back porch, lol they do it every year too, love that they feel at home enough to nest, lol

  2. And don't you want to just peek??? Do you know what kind of birds yours are? I'm excited to hear the first little peeps - I feel like an aunt! My best to you and your feathered friends this spring. Laura


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