Four Things To Believe In This Christmas Season

For some strange reason, it just doesn't feel like the Christmas season. Maybe it's because we haven't completely decorated at our house yet. Or because we just received our first Christmas card last night. Or because we've been so busy with life that December happened before we were really ready. Or there's no snow. What's Christmas without snow?

You may be in the same heart condition I am. There are circumstances or people or stuff standing between you and the true joy of Christ's birth. You want to enjoy the season, but you just can't quite get there. The wonder and the excitement are under there somewhere, they're just buried under a whole lot of other stuff.

If this sounds like you, fear not! There is so much to believe in right now, today, this minute, that can change your heart and help you press on with joy and hope.

1. Believe that the Lord loves you endlessly and perfectly. When we're overwhelmed and struggling, the last thing we want to believe is that we're loved by anyone, especially by God. But once again, it's not about us. God doesn't look at us and tolerate us because He's required to be a loving God. No. We're loved with an everlasting love that keeps His presence with us every moment of every day. 

2. Believe that God is still in the miracle business. I have watched countless prayers be answered recently, and those miracles encourage my heart. They plant seeds of hope that are blossoming into full-on trees of confident and joyful expectation! Miracles aren't something reserved for the pages of your Bible. They're happening around us every single day, we just have to lift our heads up and look around.

3. Believe that preparing your heart is more important than preparing for the celebration. The to-do list is long, the calendar is full and nothing looks Pinterest-worthy. Let's lay aside all the busyness and believe that what God is doing in our hearts this Christmas is far more important and amazing than anything we'll do ourselves. Spend more time with Him and less time doing things for Him that have less eternal value.

4. Believe that Christ's return won't be long now! Don't ever forget that we celebrate the birth of the Messiah for one reason - He came to earth as a baby to grow up, die on the cross for our sins and resurrect to defeat death once and for all. Nothing is more important than this, especially knowing that He has promised to return. This is the foundation of our faith and the true source of joy in our everyday lives. 

What do you choose to believe today?


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