10 Foods For A Healthy New Year's Grazing Board

Grazing boards are all the rage at parties now, while some of us have been eating at parties this way for years. We were cool and trendy ... and didn't even know it. The idea is to fill a small plate with a few items from the board at a time. Then you can sample everything, mingle, talk and return for more.

But you don't have to go anywhere to enjoy a great, healthy grazing board. With a little planning and preparation, you can fill your plate this New Year's Eve and not regret it on the first day of the new year. 

Finger foods are a great place to start. Remember that you're eating a bit before going back, or eating straight off the board if you want, so the less messy the better! Here are 10 categories of healthy food to start with.

1. Fruit - grapes, berries, sliced kiwi
2. Veggies - grape tomatoes, green beans, carrots and cucumber
3. Cheese - low-sodium and high protein varieties like mozzarella, blue cheese and feta
4. Chips - sweet potato chips, organic and multi-grain varieties
5. Crackers - multi-grain, whole-seed, organic and high-fiber
6. Dried fruit - apricots, dates, mango and strawberries
7. Nuts - small amounts of cashews, almonds and walnuts
8. Sliced meats - deli ham and turkey
9. Nut butter - in a small bowl or ramakin
10. Hummus - with a spoon for serving

What favorite foods will you add to a healthy grazing board this New Year's Eve?


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