Simple Embellishments To Make Your Full-Page Cards Not Boring

There are many times when I want to upcycle an old greeting card and just use the entire front. It's either a pattern that I can't break, a phrase that's too big to cut down or an image that would look weird with an eye or an ear cut off. Problems, I know! But here are a few ways I embellish those cards so it's not just a big, boring thing on a card.

Acrylic dots are one of my go-to embellishments. They aren't very high, so they don't rub off or make the envelope bulky. Plus they come in tons of colors, making coordinating them with the card designs super easy. I'm totally into super easy right now!

Add a little something practical. This card came with a heart charm that doubles as a gift and an embellishment. I just cut the card to fit the front, secured the charm back on and then adhered it to the new card. How cute is this?

Sometimes a few well-placed stickers are all you need to accent a phrase or image. Consider putting some flowers on a flat garden background or a cute bow hanging from a verse.

Sometimes, though, I can cut the big image or phrase down so it can be layered as the focal point. In this case, I was able to add two more patterned papers and acrylic dots.

Since I'm a big fan of texture and layers, I have quite the stash of 3D stickers. The front of this card was already slightly textured, as though the flowers were stitched, so these enamel flowers look amazing on top of the white ones.

And one of my favorite ways to make a full-page card not boring is to tie a Bible verse or encouraging phrase on with pretty fibers. It was the perfect addition to this otherwise simple card, and it conveys a beautiful message in a unique way. What are some of your favorite embellishments?


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