My "Written On My Heart" Planner Layout

Oh my goodness, do I need this week's planner layout! My heart has been unsettled for a while, so seeing these important words of my faith every day is going to make a huge difference it my outlook on things.

The words and images are all from an Illustrated Faith Print & Pray digital set, one that I haven't used for quite a while. Each one is printed in color, fussy-cut and attached with double stick tape. I'm not the best cutter in the world (I believe I flunked scissors in kindergarten), so preparing these embellishments helps me grow my patience. Thank you, Lord.

Be still. Remember. Reflect. Written on my heart. Study. Fill me up. Contemplation. Ponder. Quiet time. Teach me & lead me. Yes! All of these words are my way of setting up my week for success. But they're all also things that happen when I'm alone with the Lord, so I'm encouraged to get that quiet time every chance I get. And I pray you'll each take that time every day, too.


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