My "Thank You, American Hero" Planner Layout

I cannot say enough about our veterans, those in our own family and among our friends. We are blessed beyond measure that there have been - and still are - people willing to take an active role in defending our country. To them, I simply say thank you.

As an Army wife, I couldn't resist digging into my military-themed paper craft stash for this week's planner pages. I've used quite a bit over the years, but I found letters, phrases and images that were the perfect sizes for my full-sheet planner pages. I could insert a joke here about not finding them because they were camouflaged, but I digress.

Throughout the week of Veterans Day, there are frequent reminders of our Armed Forces troops and their dedication to our nation, and I'll see that reminder every day when I open my planner. My prayer is that it won't be a day here and there or a special event a few times a year. Let's keep our soldiers past and present in our prayers while thanking God for using them for His gift of protection.


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