My "Take Thoughts Captive" Planner Layout

It's February in Iowa, which means it's a combination of brown trees, off-white snow and the occasional white cloud in a blue sky. So this is the perfect time to make your planner pages a riot of bright, beautiful colors to offset the dreary outdoors.

This is the time of year when the cold and the dark start to take their toll on our hearts and minds. That means it's up to us to take every thought captive and change our outlook on the world. We can fill our world, our journals, our devotional and our planners with all the beautiful colors, patterns and images we possibly can. These are the ephemera from Justina Nadolson of Peace Over Anxiety for Illustrated Faith.

What can you do in your life this week to add some color and brightness to the world? Is it something as simple as designing a creative planner layout? Or starting your spring cleaning and decorating? Or maybe you make some pretty greeting cards and mail them to some women you know who need a pick-me-up, too. Whatever you choose to do, take your thoughts captive and turn them into positive, healing experiences.


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