A Bible Full Of Verbs!

I'm proud to admit that I'm a word nerd. I'm that Bible study girl who has to look up all the words I don't know because I have to know what they mean! What can you get out of the passage you're reading if you don't understand the words themselves?

Have you ever noticed the different kinds of words in Scripture? It's like going back to elementary school English class - there are nouns, adjectives, adverbs, all the many tenses, words that describe people and places and things and ... and ... and ... 

My favorite words are verbs. No boring, inanimate words for this word nerd! I want to know what people in the Bible did. Tell me that they followed and worshiped and listened. Describe what the disciples did when they were with Jesus for those few years. What did Jesus Himself do when He was with people who loved Him, with people who hated Him and with people who weren't even sure who He was.

Did the Old Testament believers act differently than the New Testament church did? We know the names and characteristics of so many Bible characters, so now let's look deeper, at what they did and why they did it. They were just like us, rejoicing together and blessing as many people as they could. They gave their testimony, spoke words of truth and loved with all their hearts. We're more like them that we could ever imagine, especially when we're comparing our verbs.

So now what are you going to do with this Bible full of verbs this week? I challenge you to follow the Bible reading plan on the side of this page, looking specifically at the verbs in these chapters. Then let the Holy Spirit point out the verbs you can put into action today for yourself. There's a lot to do this week - let's do all the verbs!


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