Definition Of The Word "Subtle"

It's honestly not that hard to communicate with your dog. The word "subtle" is nowhere to be found in their dictionary. This look, for example means "I know you're busy doing something, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm here."

This one: also not subtle. It clearly means "I'm going to stand here and guilt you into taking us outside, even though we were just outside 2.5 minutes ago."

Our boys are also not subtle. I have never seen a more pouty dog than this one. Those eyes are saying "You've stopped scratching my head, so I'm going to stare at you with my big, brown eyes until you start up again. Just so you know."

And this move is the least subtle of them all. When his whole leg is waving like that, it means "This is my belly. It needs scratches. Come scratch it, please." And, of course - just like with the other three - my heart melts and I give in. Yeah, not subtle at all.


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