My "Faith Quotes" Planner Layout

Sometimes we need a day full of color and pattern and bold moments to stir us up. But other times we just need subtle reminders that God's got this, and everything's going to be ok. Life doesn't have to be a string of giant "oh wow" moments - God speaks to us in that still small voice of the quiet moments, too.

That is the theme of my planner pages this week. I don't feel like I need a riot of colors or funny pictures. I need to study to be quiet, rest in God's grace and just enjoy the moment.

1 Thessalonians 4:11 has always been one of my favorite verses. And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you. That's what I want to see when I look back at this week - that I did what God called me to do and focused on Him and the task at hand.

Knowing that God will hear me when I call out to Him is one of the greatest gifts in this life. Knowing that He alone can deliver me from my fears is another. Because of His love, His protection and His deliverance, I know that my life is completely in His hands.

My prayer for each of us this week is that we will boldly seek the Lord, rest assured that He has heard us and be confident that our fears will all be defeated. That is the mighty God we serve!


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