Adorable Gift Bag Toppers For Valentine's Day

Our youth group started a five-lesson series on love this week, and it's already been such a blessing. We talked Wednesday night about several verses describing the love of God and how His love is so very different from human love. I love opening their eyes to new truths in Scripture, showing them the little details they've never seen before. And, of course, I had to spoil them with gift bags!

The bags are filled with all kinds of little treasures, each one with a story about God's love or a message of Christian love. But I would never just hand them a bag of stuff, so I made gift bag toppers to dress them up a bit.

I start by cutting a piece of colored card stock slightly bigger than the zip on the baggie. Then I cheat and round up to an easy number. Remember that I'm mass producing these for several bags, so easy is better.

After cutting the long edge, I measure again so there is enough card stock to fold over and have a good-sized space to decorate. I usually eye-ball this and round up again.

So when it's folded over, I have this pretty, blank canvas to work with. You could also use scraps from your card stock collection (yes, we all have one) to be both creative and thrifty.

To attach them, I space out six pieces of double stick tape. It's the perfect adhesive to keep them on, but also make them sticky enough to take off and put back on to get the bags home in one piece, more or less. The the teens' reaction to these toppers was hilarious - they loved them and thought they were beautiful, but they also didn't realize they were repositionable and didn't want to destroy them just to get into their bag. They're so funny like that. 


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