Try Another Beverage To Make Your Ice Cubes

Do you hate water-down drinks in the summer because you have to use so many ice cubes? Do you want to try some new flavor combinations? Do you have some silicon candy molds and ice cube trays? Then you’re in luck on all counts!

You can have a lot of fun deciding what to pour into your molds. Line them up on a small baking sheet and fill about 2/3 of the way. I used Sprite for this example and it expanded as it froze, going just above the rim.

After just a couple of hours, you’ll have yummy ice that won’t water down your drink. And you can make a ton ahead of time for your next party and have them match the theme. Check the dollar store for some fun designs.

I added my Sprite cubes to cranberry cocktail and it was absolutely perfect. And sipping it out of my grandmother’s Fostoria glasses made it feel extra-special. What combinations are you already thinking about?


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