Bring The Beach Inside With A Summer Centerpiece

I’m not normally a beach girl - I prefer trees and ponds - but I fell in love with these beautiful shells at the dollar store and I couldn’t resist! I could already picture them arranged in glass on the dining room table, so they came home with me. And now they can be inspiration for you!

I already had the glass bowls, the battery-operated tea lights and the table runner, so all I needed were the blue pebbles, some crushed rocks and two bags of shells. So I literally spent $4 to make this beautiful arrangement.

Each bowl has a layer of rock and a layer of pebbles - look at them shine!

Then I arranged the shells on top and added a tea light nestled in a shell to each one.

Did you see the magic trick from the last photo to this one? I had more shells than I expected, so I found another glass dish and piled them in. It wasn’t my original plan, obviously, but I love the way it looks. It’s good to change your plans when something better - and prettier - comes along.

As the finishing touch, I spaced the bowls out with shells and tea lights so everything will glow. If you have more shells or more tea lights or just want to fill a larger space, you can add different sizes of bowls, raise on few on pedestals or add some driftwood or little wood signs. Then you can have a day at the beach every time you sit down for dinner!


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