Create A Money Savings Tracker For Your Planner

I’m saving money for two very special things: living room furniture and new carpet. (Dog owners, I know you feel me.) But there’s a difference between saving money and saving intentionally. The first one is just tucking some money away whenever there’s a little extra. The second is telling your money how much you need to budget for a dedicated savings plan. That’s where this savings tracker page in my planner comes in.

Creating a page like this is simple if you have a word processing program or an app like Canva. I made this one in Canva, as you’ll see when you scroll down, but the same directions apply to Word or your favorite computer program.

I know that my planner pages are 5.75x8.25 inches, so that’s the size I use to create a canvas. If you’re doing full pages or have a special size you want, this is the easiest way to make sure you have the correct dimensions.

Then I make a circle. Yep, that’s a circle.

Then I copy and paste several of them. Yep, that’s a bunch of circles.

But this is the fun part. I want a few of several sizes so I can put different amounts in each one, so I liberally spread circles all over the page, some larger and some smaller. I have to keep a left margin so the page can be punched, so the circles start there and go clear across to the opposite side.

The numbers are simply a single text box that gets copied and pasted in different font sizes to look right in each square. 

So when I’m done, the page is full of circles and amounts so I can keep track of my savings plan.

After it’s downloaded, I insert it into a word document and double check the length of each side. To save myself some trouble, and because I can’t cut a straight line, I add a border to the picture. Then I can cut just inside the line to fit my planner. Now I can add a monthly page that I can color in or X out when I’ve tucked that money away.


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