A Floral Explosion For Your Two-Page Planner Spread

Are you ready for the explosion of floral patterns and colors I’m bringing to you today? I hope so because this layout is so much fun to make and so pretty when it’s finished!

To make this spread, you’ll want two clean, white pages. The one on the left is the one I designed myself to go with each printed daily page, on the right.

Then you gather up all those great floral stickers you have collected somewhere. Yes, you know the ones I’m talking about. We all have them.

First you’ll line up your pages so they’re touching, then overlap the largest florals you have down that seam. The bigger the better here, and it doesn’t matter if you cover the holes because you’ll fix that later.

Then go back for a second pass with slightly smaller flowers, overlapping even more. The idea is to cover up as much of that white middle as possible.

Pass #3! This time you’ll add some filler leaves and tiny flowers, just like you would if you were making a real flower arrangement. It’s totally ok for the stickers to hang off the edges for now. Just create!

Carefully flip the whole thing over and use the line where the two pages touch to cut them apart. Nonstick scissors work great for this. Then punch the holes using the backs as a guide. Now finish the spread with more florals in some of the white space around the outside edges to balance out your design. 

The final result is an explosion of color and floral pattern all over everywhere. Doesn’t it just beg you to start filling in some of the boxes ahead of time?

The beauty of this layout is that you can use it with many different themes. Flowers were great this time, so try stars, coffee cups and beans, hearts, fireworks, succulents, butterflies … oh my! Excuse me while I go make about six more of these layouts. Creativity strikes!


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