Personalizing Tiny Cards

Oh my goodness. There’s something about tiny little things that makes me beyond happy. And these tiny notecards definitely fall into that category. They’re just 2.5 inches square, but the possibilities are endless!

When I make cards for Stuff From Trees, I start with a 8.5x11-inch piece of card stock and cut a 6.25x9-inch card from one corner. Then I cut the longest strip into three pieces: two that are 4.5 inches and one that is 2 inches. The remaining piece is perfect for a bookmark!

Then I use double stick tape to cover each tiny card with patterned paper. Tape is so much more permanent than glue and way less messy.

Each lovely little card gets its own personalized embellishments. Very rarely do I ever make the same card twice, and only when it’s a special order, so they’re one-of-a-kind little treasures. 

I’m not a fan of just throwing stickers onto a piece of paper, so I layer them with die cuts, card stock punches and other fun embellishments. When they’re all pretty and ready to go, they’re perfect for putting in the top of a gift bag, leaving in someone’s church pew, tucking in their purse when they’re not looking or placing in their Bible to find later.

I absolutely adore custom orders, and I would love to make a personalized set of note cards for you. You can message me through the Stuff From Trees Facebook page or email


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