Snow Means It’s Officially December!

This morning I went downtown to take pictures for a work project, while huge white flakes spiraled to the ground. Other than a light dusting a few weeks ago, we’ve been pretty snow-free. I passed a man on Main Street who said, Great weather we’re having. My response was, You’d think it was December in Iowa.

And we finally have snow to prove that it’s true! We woke up to a beautiful white blanket, and as of lunchtime, it’s still coming down.

Every year, I just want a white Christmas. Nature can do whatever it wants for the rest of the year, as long as I can enjoy my white Christmas. Yes, it’s probably from watching the classic White Christmas movie every single year for as long as I can remember. That final scene when they open the big back doors to show the snowfall is forever ingrained in my brain.

So for now, I enjoy every moment of the snow. The best is when the snow clings to the tree branches, making them all glisten in the sunshine. Whether you have snow now too, or you’re warm and cozy without a snowflake in sight, I pray you’re having a wonderful December, too.


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