My “Sweet Stuff Candy Cane” Planner Layout

There’s nothing more iconic at Christmastime than peppermint. Whether they’re in candy cane form or those beautiful round candies, those red and white stripes just scream the holiday season. Making an entire planner spread from peppermint means it’s going to be a totally sweet week. (See what I did there?)

Those stripes and colors make for the perfect layout. The red and green paper are textured for some extra fun, and I mixed flat stickers with puffy 3D stickers as my accents. The “sweets” label is paired with a sweet little heart and matted on coordinating paper. 

The second page of the spread is just as cute. I used the scraps of textured page from the first page to make borders and corners for this page. It took some searching, but I found numbers to coordinate, too. In conclusion, this is one of my favorite spreads of the year. What’s your favorite?


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