A DIY Monthly Candle Set For A Christmas Gift

Ok, so this project is so much fun that I want to make another set! It’s the perfect gift for someone special. There are 12 tiny candles, one for each month of the year, decorated with themed washi tape. I mean, seriously!

At my planner desk, there is so much washi tape that sometimes it’s hard to find the ones I’m looking for. So finding 12 holiday tapes was super easy, and I was able to find several that were even the perfect size without cutting them down.

After wiping off any wax from the outside of the candle’s wrapper, all I did was wrap the washi tape around the outside and trim it so the overlap is in the back. I know, right? So easy.

If you have a super skinny tape you want to use, just wrap it around twice and splice together in the back. For a wider tape, wrap it loosely around and then trim it evenly at the bottom.

And when you’re done, you have 12 little candles for a year of lighting. Just add a tag that says “Light one candle on the 1st of each month and think of me.” What a perfect Christmas gift, one that keeps on giving.


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