Sirloin Tip Sweet Potato Appetizers

Sometimes the best part of experimenting in the kitchen is finding a delicious combination you didn’t know existed. That’s what happened when I put together these lovely little sirloin tip appetizers.

We had these beautiful sirloin tips in our Butcher Box this month, and I cooked them in the cast iron skillet with Worcestershire sauce. When they were almost cooked through, I added two tablespoons of honey to caramelize on the meat.

While the meat was getting all yummy, I fixed half a bag of sweet potato waffle fries in the oven as directed on the bag. It took a couple of extra minutes to get them crispy, though, which is what you want for the base of this appetizer.

The delicious glue holding this bite together is spinach artichoke dip, and I found one mixed with Parmesan cheese for a little extra zing. When the other two parts were cooked through, I stacked them together with the dip in between. Serve them immediately so the sweet potato stays warm and crunchy. These amounts will make approximately 20 appetizer bites. 


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