Decorations For Your Last-Minute Christmas Baking

If you’re like me, you’re still doing some last-minute baking. There are so many ways you can create cute and yummy cakes and cookies for your holiday goodies. Here are a few ideas:

* Powdered sugar cures everything! Those dark brownies you’ve made will be absolutely beautiful under a dusting of that sweet, white powdered sugar.

* After you’ve frosted your cookies, sprinkle them with crushed peppermint candies.

* Use larger sprinkles to outline your cake or cookies. A thin line of frosting will hold them in place.

* A drizzle of caramel will turn everything up a notch. 

* Half-dip your favorite cookies in melted chocolate and cover them in sprinkles. 

* Chocolate and nuts are the perfect combination - crush up pecans and walnuts to use as toppings.

* Combine sweet and salty to crush both cravings!

* Add some sprinkles or crushed peppermints to your cookie batter before you bake it.

* No frosting? Mix together powdered sugar, a splash of milk and a tablespoon of vanilla. Ta da ... instant glaze.

What are your favorite decorations when you’re doing your Christmas baking?


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