Sunday Sketches

Ready for a big, bold sketch of the week? Find the tallest, most colorful embellishments you have and combine them to make a card they’ll always remember.

For my card, I used a tall, vertical candle  for my 3D embellishment. I punched out the letters with the largest circle punch I have, and they fit perfectly in the space next to the candle.

Need something else, though, right? In those little spaces between the image and letters, I tucked in different sizes of acrylic dots in a contrasting color. All put together, it’s a bright birthday card that anyone would love to receive.

Ready to turn this sketch into a card of your own? Let’s get started.

Begin with a solid color for your background, coordinating it with the embellishments you choose. You’ll want something tall and skinny, then mat it on another color of card stock.

Punch out your letters and stack them on the opposite side. You can use stickers, rub-one, die cuts, computer prints or something written by hand.

Then choose some tiny accents that will fit in the spaces between the letters and the image. Get creative and you’ll have an amazing card for someone special.


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