Craft Room Renovation Does My Heart Good

When my craft room is clean and organized, creativity flows - mostly because there’s actually somewhere for it to flow! I spent the better part of a day getting the room put back together after several weeks of not going into it at all. I felt so good when it was done, like I’d really accomplished something, and I needed that.

I recently had a terrible experience with a longtime customer. She trusted me to make hundreds of cards for her, but suddenly wasn’t satisfied with my work. Some hurtful things were said, and then she disappeared. There was no way to contact her or try to make things right. I was hurt to the point of not wanting to create anything for a while.

And that’s why the craft room ended up looking like this. I gave my heart some time to heal, and everything piled up around me. Fighting a spiritual and emotional battle is hard work, and I just wasn’t ready to make anything. It took several weeks, but God took care of the emotions and gave me hope - and creativity - again.

Stuff From Trees is now open again, and I encourage you to go visit. We’re slowly putting new inventory and being more selective about what we make and how we promote it. Please know that every piece you’ll find there has been prayed over and lovingly created, doing all things as unto the Lord. That’s the foundation of our shop, and that’s why we do what we do. And now we have a beautiful, organized space to create in again.


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