Are You Ready To Get Outside?

After this long, cold winter, it’s about time to get back outside and enjoy the weather. There may be rain in the forecast here in southeast Iowa, but 60 degrees and a little precipitation is better than being snowed in, right?

At my job with the Greater Ottumwa Convention and Visitors Bureau, we’ve just started our Outdoor Moments to Remember Instagram campaign, and it has been so much fun to create. We’re sharing as much information as we can about what Ottumwa has to offer outdoor enthusiasts.

We’ve worked with Parks and Recreation, physicians, trainers, bikers, walkers, experts in a dozen fields and people who just love being out in nature to give you all the information we can pack into 31 days. If you love it and it’s outside, we are probably featuring it one day in May.

So head over to the @GreaterOttumwaCVB Instagram page and follow us. You’ll get a daily dose of where to go, what to try and a few surprises you probably didn’t know were out there! Then post your own photos and use our hashtags so we can find you.

Have fun outdoors - it’s about time!


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