A Fish Fry For Our Youth Group

Two of the young men from our church youth group graduated this year, so our get-together this month was in their honor. They were thrilled that we were having a catfish fry and that they got to choose the events of the evening. The catfish nuggets came from Dutchman's in Cantril, and Danny used a fish fry coating that we picked up in Louisiana a few weeks ago. It was all so amazing. 

Even though a gigantic storm was headed our way, they wanted to go fishing. Four fish were caught, all by the same guy! But after that there were no more fish to be caught, although they were under the water taunting us. Talk about mean...

And the storm clouds made for a dramatic backdrop to the day. We wish our guys the best God has to offer in the days to come. They're taking very grown-up paths in their lives, and we've told them repeatedly that they will be in our prayers. God has something amazing planned for each of them. We can't wait to see what that is!


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